3 Ways With Quilts

4 Ways With Quilts - Discover, a blog by World Market


Our quilts never quit! Superb for every season and a variety of decor options, discover why our collection of quilts makes a definite style statement in any space.


Choose a few quilts in bright pops of colors and floral patterns to mix and match in your bedroom. Not only does layering add depth and surprise to your bedscape, but it offers the ability to use as many quilts as the temperature dictates.


Most people choose neutral furniture for their living spaces for the exact purpose of being able to instantly update with pillows and throws. Use your favorite quilt to add splashes of color and pattern to a space that could benefit from an upgrade. Not only will your space look more inviting, you’ll be tempted to cozy up under your new favorite quilt.


With a quick stitch across the top, you’ve created a dramatic wall hanging. Fold over the top, sew and hang from a curtain rod. Use a single-color quilt to make an unmistakably bold, modern statement; try a patterned quilt to create a rustic or Western feel. Some are reversible so you can change the color to suit your mood.

 For affordability, versatility and beauty, we’re crazy for quilts! What are some of the ways you use quilts in your home?

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