4 Tips for Foraged Floral Arrangements You Can Make At Home

Miranda Anderson

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I can already picture the tiny fists clenched around wildflower stems that will be coming my direction. My three little kids love picking flowers for me, and while I always look forward to their fresh bouquets, I am sometimes at a loss for what exactly to do with them!

To prepare myself, I created a couple of DIY foraged floral arrangements, and completed some tips for turning those backyard bouquets into pretty, long-lasting displays.

foraged flower bouquet 1

foraged flower bouquet 2

foraged flower bouquet 3

Tip 1. Leave at least 6″ of stem when picking or cutting. For some flowers, even more is better, but with wildflower stems being somewhat less hearty than cultivated flowers, it’s smart to keep them just long-enough for a small vase. If you have toddlers, teach them to pick close to the ground, and you should be safe.

foraged flower bouquet 4

Tip 2. Group like-flowers together. Even wispy flowers look impactful when gathered into a group. These little ones (see above) were quite leggy, and the bunches of little stems and leaves ended up supporting themselves well in the jar, so just a handful made a whimsical arrangement.

foraged flower bouquet 5

foraged flower bouquet 6

foraged flower bouquet 7

Tip 3. Use small, unusual containers for interesting arrangements. You might not imagine this creamer, or that lidded jar as vases, but they play the part well when filled with fresh wildflowers. For this creamer arrangement, I started with a couple more sturdy flowers cut to the heights I wanted, just above the rim. Next I added some floppy-stemmed buds to hang over the edges a bit. Finally, I stuffed a couple of small branches of leaves from some of my hedges as greenery to fill the empty space. The result is a beautiful, colorful, overflowing arrangement. (This same type of add-on system works great for grocery store bouquets, too!)

foraged flower bouquet 8

foraged flower bouquet 9

Tip 4. When in doubt, keep it simple. You really can’t go wrong with a single stem in each of these bud vases. With this gorgeous multi-vase rack, the impact is instant, even with such a minimal arrangement.

foraged flower bouquet 10

If you have a couple of extra buds or leaves to add, go for it! One or two extra stems can add some interest, and make your flower-picking kids happy!

foraged flower bouquet 11

I’ve been noticing the beautiful wildflowers as I drive, and in the neglected corners of my yard. Bringing them inside and giving them some new life as a foraged arrangement is a perfect celebration for Mother’s Day, and a nice way to welcome spring.

foraged flower bouquet 12




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