4 Tips For Creating a Unique Gallery Wall

TODAY Show contributor and Washington Post columnist Elizabeth Mayhew shows you how to curate and create a gallery wall with a mix of framed art, wall decor, sculptures, and more!

1. Choose your anchor point

Start with your biggest item and work around it! Place the anchor point on the left side of the wall and start filling in from there.



2. Arrange your items on the ground

Before you break out your DIY tools, arrange your gallery wall on the floor to see how you can best arrange the items without losing a sense of balance in the entire scene.



3. Create a sense of unity

Pick colors, tones, surfaces, and textures that play off each other and are similar enough to other items on the wall (or parts of items) in order to create a sense of unity and balance.



4. Tape paper forms on the wall before you start hammering!

Feeling anxious about hammering nails into the wall? Go ahead and take some paper, cut out the exact size of the frame or item, and use painter’s tape to transfer the paper onto the wall. Adjust accordingly!



  • MelTJ

    Have always wanted to do something similar. Impressive in homes and store displays. The suggestion to start w/largest and to lay out the display on the floor is helpful. Using cutouts to see wall placement is so sensible, I wonder how I did not think of that. Now to pick a theme and items and go for it. This was very helpful. Tired of ugly tall, fixed bookshelves and blank walls.

  • Mel

    We bought a house a year ago and my bedroom wall has nothing at all and not really good what wall arts and pictures to hang, even my hallway has only one piece of art. Ughh I wish I can be a good interior decorator

    • Stagespirit

      I understand when your wall is bare, it looks boring even with wall paper, but that Elizabeth Mayhew wall decor looks too much…

  • Suzi Krizan

    Hang some old musical instruments or items like framed sheet music, musical notes,etc… that you can find at thrift stores.

  • Vanessa Tong

    Love the gallery wall!!! I have a small room with a small piano a 2 big chair but my walls are completely empty. For a few years I have being thinking on decorating it but I struggle with what to put on the wall . This room is our music room and I want to decorate with that theme. Can you give me any ideas! Thank you.


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