4 Stylish Storage Solutions in the Entryway

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When it comes to making the most out of your entryway storage, I find that there are four ways to easily extend the space you have available and have everything handy for a smooth entrance and exit, while keeping your essentials in one accessible place:

  1. Hooks. These are best for items such as your everyday coat, handbag, scarf and hat.
  2. Bowls and Trays. Think outside the box and use bowls that are intended for the kitchen (as long as they are pretty of course!). Keep your spare change, public transportation tokens, and keys in one place. Trays are great to keep everything organized in one place too, so consider styling one on your entryway console with a bowl, some books, a lamp and perhaps a nice frame!
  3. Baskets: If you have a console, bench or stool in your entryway, consider placing a couple of baskets underneath for your shoes and umbrellas. It’s such a great way to keep them all out of the way and tidy.
  4. Shelves: Great for maximizing space when it’s limited. If you don’t have space for a console, shelves are a great option since they don’t take much space and you can easily move them around to change things up.

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