4 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween’s around the corner and there’s not a skeleton or faux cobweb in sight. Don’t get spooked! We’ve got a few DIY halloween decor ideas that are guaranteed to give your home-spooky-home a haunted look and feel. And don’t worry—we won’t tell anyone that you waited until the last minute!

Transform a Corner into a Goth Vignette

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture tasks, but try focusing on a small corner of the home for maximum impact. Blogger Lindsey McCord suggests creating a haunting vignette with “floating” paper roses, skeleton taxidermy, goth candelabra, and a cloche (that you can use again and again).

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Don’t Underestimate the Spook Appeal of Skeletons

Creating freakishly-good curb appeal is easy when you’ve got a few animal skeletons on hand. Just ask blogger Abbey DeHart, who transformed her autumnal gourd scene into a pet cemetery with the addition of a few scary skeletons.


Up the Scare Factor Underfoot

When it was time to decorate her porch for halloween, Blogger Amy Buchanan knew she had to start with an anchor piece—a black and white outdoor rug that sets the scene for a spine-tingling front door area. Dual-sided, remarkably soft and easy to clean, the rug greets guests and trick-or-treat revelers with a winning smile.


Make a Freaky Figure Prop

This DIY werewolf by blogger Kim Purvis is easier to make than you think. And the good news to having a prop like this in your corner? It’s an instant conversation—or scream—starter.



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