4 College Care Packages Loaded With Personality

What’s a smart way to help college students kickstart the school year? Send them plenty of brain food! College care packages have been a thing for a long time, but we’ll help you take yours to a brilliant new level with gifts and goodies specially curated for specific interests and personalities.

1. The English Major

Brimming with brain-fueling pastas, coffees, clever mugs, candies and more, this well thought-out box fits scribes and Lit-lovers to the letter.

2. The Study Abroad Student

College-age travel fans and global food enthusiasts will find this box, packed with mouthwatering flavors from around the world, almost as thrilling as a plane ticket.

3. The Class Clown

Here’s an A+ package perfect for any college-age comedian at heart. Bursting with fun, games, gags and snacks, it’s a delightful antidote to dull gifts.

4. The Foodie

The young chef or baker extraordinaire will savor this flavor-filled care package. A cornucopia of jams, oils and vinegars, spices, cookbooks, cooking tools and more, it’s a truly tasty array.

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  • Jill Golding

    My niece is going to be a freshman at IUPUI this fall. So I’m sure she’ll need care packages to keep from getting homesick. The English major box screams her name.


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