3 Tips For Making Your Ice Cream Taco Bar

We all scream for…ice cream tacos? Oh, yes! Lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy has a few things to say about the warm-weather sweet treats. Watch her video and take notes on how to build an ice cream taco bar affordably and easily throughout the spring and summer months. Trust us—this delightful DIY is going to be a party hit for kids and adults alike.

Here are Brandi’s tips on building an ice cream taco bar:

It’s All About the Display
From candy-colored taco truck taco holders to tiered metal stands, the ice cream taco bar really shines when your display is as vibrant as the delectable sweet treats you’re serving. Place sprinkles, sauces and other toppings on bright, saturated serving trays, and pick out melamine bowls and table settings that create a fun and playful tablescape.

Use Your Time Wisely
We’re talking about ice cream here, so don’t let the sweet treats melt because you’re busy making homemade ice cream or prepping the table (reach for store-bought ice cream—no one will mind!). Create the tablescape and set up all of your ice cream taco bar accoutrement (which includes making your waffle cone “taco shells” beforehand) before you set out the ice cream.

Let your guests go nuts (or sprinkles, or mini mallows, or mini chocolate chips…) with toppings and sauces, and let them pick which indulgent sauce or sweet treat to put on top of the ice cream taco dessert.


Ice Cream Taco Bar 12


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  • Evelyne

    do you have a recommendation on how to keep the icecream on display while keeping it from melting? Big ice tub maybe?


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