3 Tips For Creating an Unforgettable Easter Table

Spring entertaining doesn’t have to be complicated. “You can start with a few elements: fresh flowers, a runner, and things you already own—all of these things can be a fantastic jumping off point,” says Courtney, the blogger behind A Thoughtful Place. When she was tasked with hosting Easter celebrations at her home this year, she jumped at the opportunity to curate a colorful springtime table. Read her decor and entertaining tips below!

Start with an anchor piece

The entire table came together when she fell in love with a table runner designed with blooms set against a dusty teal backdrop. “I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It sets the stage for the rest of our colorful Easter table.”

3 Tips For Creating an Unforgettable Easter Table - Discover, A World Market Blog

Go bananas when it comes to color

Not one to shy away from color, Courtney really wanted to blend indoor with outdoor for this tablescape. After falling for the pretty runner, she pulled out the hot pink and lavender tones on the runner throughout the rest of her decor. “The colors are so pretty together. The hot pink napkins are nesting in between the dishes and add a fun jolt of color to each spot.”


Don’t forget that special something

Surprise guests with something unexpected, like a piece of whimsical decor or foliage in the back of each chair. “These lavender wreaths are perfect for that element of surprise, and add a really nice, soft touch.”


3 Tips For Creating an Unforgettable Easter Table - Discover, A World Market Blog

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