3 Organization & Storage Tips

Clear the clutter and make room for spacious living with our tips for organizing and storing. Optimize and maximize your use of shelves, baskets and organizers, and start loving the small space you’re in!


Tip: Vary the heights of objects

If your shelf “moment” or vignette is starting to look drab, rearrange objects and vary the heights of each display for visual interest. Group similar or like items together and make sure smaller items are in the front; place your tallest objects in the back. Then, take a few steps back and look at the shelf display. If your eyes are able to go from one display to the next without getting distracted by an ill-placed item or flat “moment”, you’ve done your job!


Tip: Conceal the mess

Cool, clever, mess-concealing furniture throughout the house is a must-have for any home. From lidded tables to drawers and lidded benches, corral ands tore loose items inside furniture that will help conceal clutter.


Tip: Tell a story

When you see the above picture, you might get a sense that the person who lives here loves spending her days curled up with a soft throw on the love seat while reading one of her favorite titles. The styling and organization of the console table tells a story, and you believe that it’s filled with the homeowner’s beloved personal items. Your “story” can come in the form of a color, pattern, theme, or whatever you fancy—so long as the vignette reflects you!


  • AE

    Please blogs about decorating top of the kitchen cabinets. I have new house and I really dnt know how to do it . Thanks

  • Misty Kuo

    Would love to find out where to get those bookshelves also! Thank you!

  • Summer

    Where can I find the bookshelves?

  • Eleni

    Great article! Where can I find the Bookshelves (or similar ones)? Thank you

  • Breen

    This was such a great help!!! Just moved out of a 3800 brick 4 floor home to a 1940’s bungalow w/1120 sq ft.. So I am re-thinking space and making the most of every inch… I plan on purchasing a few of your recommended and highlighted furniture pieces.. Thanks


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