3 Hacks for Hanging Framed Art

Slanted grids, uneven frames and unsightly gallery wall designs, begone! Create a picture-perfect gallery wall filled with your favorite framed art by following our wall art hanging hacks below. From tools you’ll need and step-by-step instructions, our hacks will let you get the hang of hanging art in no time.

3 Hacks for Hanging Framed Art = Discover, a blog by World Market


  • Martha Mendenhall

    All three of these tips were great ideas!!! I’m saving them, as I have a myriad of different kinds of art work in my home and I keep re-arranging things. This will definitely make it easier.

  • Judi

    Good tips! I decided to do what many Europeans have done and hang lots of art on one wall. I combined photos and works of art from various vacations using a wide variety of gold frames. I have left space for upcoming vacations

  • Hilda

    The tips you have provided work for small works, but for larger works with frames, a lot of hard work goes to hang them, drilling and fixing wooden pegs and then putting the screws to hold the works. Always use wires to hang large works, preferably with 2-3 steel hooks. It works fine.

  • Esther Kaplan

    How does one hang canvas wrapped pieces?

    • Ashley

      I use the sticky pads you can get at Walmart . Doesn’t damage the wall or art work . No holes or drills required . They usually hold up to 5 lbs each pad . I use one at the top and bottom .

  • Debra

    Thanks for the easy and helpful tips for hanging!

  • Estha

    Awesome tips, thanks ever so.

  • Paulette

    Yea! something easy and useful

  • Dina

    Great tips! I love it and will use them.


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