Let’s Go Bento! 3 Bento Box Lunch Ideas

It’s smart to pack your own lunch! Not only do you save money, but people who pack their own meals tend to eat healthier. We love the classic Bento Box for easy-prep packalongs, and we’ve taken it to the next level by offering Italian, French and Asian-fusion options that please the palate and your wallet.

Pack a Pasta

Quick and easy Pesto pasta with pomodoro-basil skewers capture the fresh flavors of an Italian summer. It’s a veggie-based lunch you’ll look forward to!

Let Them Eat French

Cheese and crackers get a French twist that c’est magnifique for a picnic. Simply slice some salami and your favorite cheeses, add a few grapes, cornichons and Dijon mustard, and you’re off to the French Riviera on your lunch break!

Asian Influence

The Bento Box was born in Japan, so it makes sense to create an Asian-inspired meal. These simple veggie and shrimp rolls with two dipping sauces, paired with a bright tomato-mint salad, is a taste sensation that’s filling and satisfying.

Feeling hungry? Peruse our online food aisles for a sampling of our Italian, French and Asian-inspired fare.
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