2 Outdoor Living Looks We’re Loving Right Now

If you’re looking to put some verve in your outdoor living space, look no further—Justina Blakeney has created two backyard/patio styles that are vibrant, fresh and warm weather-ready.

She brings to life this mostly neutral furniture set by mixing and matching rich, dazzling hues reminiscent of summer: turquoise, persimmon, key lime, canary yellow, and electric purple. It’s a look that blends resort style with tropical-coastal accents. Can’t you see yourself here, whiling away the summer hours, watching the sun come down from the comfort of your backyard?


In her “jungalow,” Justina brings her much-beloved romantic, boho-chic look to her lush backyard. The pattern-on-pattern layering, mix of fabrics, and marriage of blue and orange create a relaxed yet chic space that is perfect for lounging and entertaining (and it’s kid-friendly, too!).

Outdoor Living Ideas via Justine  Blakeney - Discover, a blog by World Market

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