2 Easy Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

Nobody knows more about conquering holiday stress than blogger Amanda Gluck. That’s why she’s teamed up with us to undo all the unnecessary worries of the season and spread holiday cheer. “I love bringing the family together and gathering in the kitchen,” says the lifestyle blogger behind FashionableHostess.com.

2 Easy Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer - Discover, A World Market Blog

Bake Up A Storm

It’s no wonder that the first way she spreads cheer is to serve her favorite sugar cookies and bake up a storm. With retro baking supplies in hand, she gets every single member of her family into the kitchen for a baking bonanza.

Add Glitz To Your Display

“I love dessert plates with shimmer,” says Amanda, and she instantly reached for these metallic phrase plates, each one emblazoned with a word that conjures up the holiday feels. Her personal favorite? Why, “cheer” of course!

Check out the rest of Amanda’s holiday cheer spread on her blog Fashionable Hostess! Happy baking—and eating—to all!


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