DIY Dessert Station

Summer entertaining should be a no-stress affair, so we’ve taken the worry out of your party planning by creating a step-by-step guide on how to create a vibrant and sweet dessert station!


1. Arrange treats in different heights. To do this, stack cake stands and lift drink dispensers to levels that are completely within arm’s reach for guests.

2. Source from the colors of the rainbow. From ginger lemon Haribo treats to cupcakes with pastel icing, use vibrant hues to your sweet advantage.

3. Announce what you’re serving. If everything is nut free or gluten free, why not use a chalkboard to make the announcement? Or, you can write out the day’s dessert menu so everyone knows what they’re eating. (Get inspired with this gorgeous chalkboard menu.)

4. Make stuff portable. Be sure that you can move and switch out jars, plates and containers with ease in case of inclement weather (and low food and drink supplies).

5. Use durable serveware and containers. Acrylic glasses and containers, melamine plates and bowls, and metal cake stands will stand the test of time (and glee-filled entertaining and parties).


Let us know how you’re making your summer look—and taste—so good in the comments section below! 

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