2 Baking Projects With Kids

Kristen Duke

My girls love to bake in the kitchen with me, and Christmastime is such a great way to do just that, as we make giftable treats for family and friends. Creating memories with my kids in our home is very important to me, and using the senses of taste with delicious baking is truly a way to remember their childhood with joy. (I hope!) We first started with these adorable Christmas aprons, red and green ornaments and red stag head apron.

World Market Christmas Aprons

We got right to work, first decorating giant gingerbread men. Can you see the concentration on their faces? It was great that that each child had their own kit with frosting, sprinkles and colorful candies with which to decorate their little gingerbread men.

decorate giant gingerbread man

We used the candy cane red and white striped parchment paper, which is also fun to use when gifting treats. The kit had all of the instructions needed, pointing out the importance of warming the pre-made frosting to make it easier to work with.

gingerbread man kit

gingerbread man kit activity with kids

It took just long enough for them to have fun, but not too long that they got frustrated, so it was a win-win situation! They had just as much fun eating the gingerbread men as they did decorating them. The gingerbread cookie was actually quite soft, which I liked.

eating gingerbread men

We grabbed a whole bunch of fun baking items that we didn’t even get to create in this baking session. We’re all excited to make brownies with the peppermint bark brownie mix, and use the Evergreen tree cupcake kit on another baking day. We really played up the Christmas festivities in the kitchen with our mint measuring cupsred mini polka dot silicone spatulas and Christmas kitchen towels.

world market baking kits

For our second baking project, we made adorable Santa stuck cupcakes. The upside down Santa legs are a gummy treat, just placed on top. How cute are they?

Santa Stuck Cupcakes

My daughter used the red melamine batter bowl to hold the powder mix, butter and egg, all the while mixing with the mint holiday silicone spoon. The red mason jar measuring cups are an adorable decoration—and useful, too!

Christmas baking santa cupcakes

After all the stirring and filling and baking and cooling, the frosting came out! There is a mix within the box; you just need to add butter and some powdered sugar.

baking Christmas cupcakes

All in all, it was fun for all!

Santa Christmas cupcakes



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