14 Kitchen Tools We Can’t Live Without


We scoured kitchen shelves for the most useful tools and came up with the list below. Our list includes easy-on-the-hands wooden spoons and whisks, flour strainers and stainless steel measuring cups, and cheese knives that will delight you and your guests to no end. Take a look at the products and let us know how these hard-working tools go the extra mile for you, day in and day out!

Easy-grip handles and a fun color make this a versatile and portable tool to have on any home cook’s kitchen counter.


Whether you reach for wooden prep bowls or silicone pinch bowls, you are always going to be in better footing when all of your ingredients are measured and divided neatly, and within easy access of the stove, oven or stand mixer.

Ceramic Spoon Rest
Give each spoon a beautiful resting place—they work so hard for us in the kitchen and beyond!

Don’t let the petite size fool you. This set of two mesh strainers are perfect for quick and efficient sugar or flour sifting, and are great for straining your favorite blueberries and cherries.


Rectangular Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set
Got a narrow jar you’ve always wanted to get into with a measuring spoon? If so, you’re going to love this set of rectangular spoons. Each spoon has teaspoon and tablespoon measurements, and of course, a slim head to get through even the most narrow openings.


With pour spots on both sides, we simply love how this set of long-lasting stainless steel measuring cups work hard for the home baker and cook.


From brie to cheddar, gouda to raclette, this trio allows you to sample different varieties without mixing cheese flavors. Additionally, the set is a steal at just $7.99.


Slotted Spatulas
A comfortable stainless steel handle, durable silicone construction, and scratch-resistant head make this set of two slotted spatulas a kitchen favorite.


Stirring and serving just got more stylish with this versatile spoon. Crafted of sustainable olivewood, the spoon stands up to even the most difficult kitchen tasks. (Also, it’s just so darn pretty to have around, don’t you think?) If you’d rather have a dishwasher-safe spoon lying round, reach for these silicone spoons in spring’s cheeriest colors (aqua and yellow). They’re heat-resistant and are sure to brighten up any kitchen counter.


From cocktails to guacamole, this squeezer makes lemonade out of lemons whenever you’re in need.


Still using a fork to whisk your egg whites? Next time, try a low-maintenance mini whisk. We also recommend picking up a silicone whisk that won’t scratch your precious metal cookware.


From kitchen counters to camp grounds and beyond, a hardwearing can opener is a must-have in any home cook’s arsenal.


Season dishes right at the table with salt mills and pepper mills that grind coarse sea salt and pepper corns with ease.


You’re in good hands. This set of two magnetic timers stick to any metal surface, helping you keep track of your sponge cakes, paella, or stovetop-melted ganache.



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