11 Picnic Packing Essentials


If there’s something I really enjoy about spring and summer, it’s spending the weekend outdoors as much as possible. One of my favorite outdoor activities is to go on a picnic. I love packing healthy and yummy food and drinks, and picking out a nice shady spot at the park for a relaxing time. It’s a great way to get inspired, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the weather! So, if you’re planning to hit the park soon, here are some picnic essentials you should consider for your next outing:


12 Picnic Essentials - Discover, a blog by World Market

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Blanket or Throw
The foundation of your picnic spread and the ultimate must-have! If you don’t own a picnic blanket, consider taking a throw with you.

Picnic Basket or Bag
For carrying all the essentials, of course.

Food and Snacks
Think of portable items such as fresh fruits, breads, cheeses, charcuterie, granola bars, veggies and dips, and homemade snacks like muffins or cookies. You can use plastic containers to protect foods such as berries and grapes, and keep cheeses and charcuterie fresh with an ice pack.

Utensils, Glasses and Napkins
Wooden utensils are a great eco-minded alternative—and how cute do they look? Don’t forget to bring a good knife, as it always comes in handy, especially to cut cheeses and bread!

Mason Jars
These are great if you’re planning on bringing with you layered salads!

Bottle Openers and Corkscrew
If you’re planning on having wine or beer, these are a must!

What about you? what are your picnic essentials?

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