10 Wine Pairings for Mom’s Day Brunch

Whether you’re serving Mom a homemade brunch or crafting a memorable Mom’s Day lunch, our quick guide makes it easy to pop the cork on the perfect wines for Mom’s favorite meal of the year.

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Fresh orange juice is blended with Brut sparkling wine in the Soleil Mimosa to create a perfectly blended bevvie with just enough tart and sweet to complement your favorite baked brunch treats.

Eggs Benedict

The creamy flavor of hollandaise sauce comes to life when paired with the lush peach flavors and splash of sweetness in the Bellini Cocktail.

French Toast, Waffles or Pancakes

Segura Vuidas Heredad Brut Cava is our ideal pairing these classic staples. Its big bubbles deliver the perfect balance of sweet and crisp to bring out the best flavors in these hard-to-pair picks.


The fresh, fruity flavors in the Moselland Cat Riesling create a foolproof flavor pairing for the varied veggie, spice and savory qualities in your favorite omelets.

Huevos Rancheros

DMZ Cabernet Rosé delivers bold flavors of pomegranate and dark berries—the perfect combo to cut through the zesty spice in this Mexican must-serve.

Smoked Salmon with Bagels

You won’t find a more elegant brunch pairing than our World Market® Russian River Chardonnay combined with smoked salmon and bagels. From one of California’s most prestigious Chardonnay regions, this wine shines with fresh tropical fruit flavors that harmonize with the silky texture of the fish.

Potato Hash

The spicy, salty flavors of potato hash call for a not-shy wine. Our World Market North Coast® Zinfandel is a vibrant blend of bold and smooth, ideal for sipping with everyone’s favorite side dish.

Fresh Salads

Take a stroll through the farmer’s market with Mom and whip up a crisp, seasonal salad. Pair with Junebug Pinot Grigio for a splash of sunshine on your palate.

Quiche and Frittatas

These savory baked-egg dishes are delicious on their own, but when you balance their complex flavors with the vibrant, floral qualities of Cupcake Moscato, you’ve taken brunch to a whole new level.

Savory Meat Tarts or Pies

So filling and tasty, these brunch-meets-lunch meals call for a wine with a bit of heft. The 181 Merlot offers just the right amount of lavish Bordeaux style and bold, fruit-forward flavors.

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