10 Dining-Related Words You Should Know

10 Dining Words You Should Know - Discover, a blog by World Market

We’ve all been a little less informed at the dining table at some point. (I thought a chafing dish was a little plate for my chapstick.) That’s why this little rundown of dining-related words might come in handy the next time you’re prepping the home for a get-together. Have a seat and relax. We’ve got the dish on some dining terms to transform all of your dinners into special occasions.

Chargers are decorative plates that go under your dinnerware. Purely decorative, they aren’t intended to touch food so you’ll see chargers made of wood, metal, paper and any number of other unique materials.

Tagine is both a type of food and the crockery you cook it in. From North Africa, these conical-shaped cooking vessels are designed to slow cook meats, rice and spices, and then be used on the table as serveware.

A staple at buffets, a Chafing Dish is a pretty container designed for keeping food warm after it’s cooked.

So versatile! Ramekins are small, round oven-to-table containers that are great for mise en place preparation, baking individual servings and offering tasty tidbits at table.

Place a Trivet under your Tagine to protect your table from the heat! Designed to hold hot dishes, Trivets are must-haves for family-style dining.

If you’ve ever had brick oven pizza, your pizza pro used a peel to retrieve the pie from the heat. It looks like a large wooden paddle, and it’s necessary for pizza prep.

These charming little dishes hold salt and often come with a tiny, single-serving spoon. It’s a sophisticated alternative to a regular shaker.

If you have an expandable table, you have a Leaf! That extra piece of your table that you use when you host more than just the regulars has a name, and that name is Leaf.

A Hibachi is a small grill that’s often used tableside for small grilled items. It’s ideal for cooking kabobs and satays and then keeping them heated through and through.

If you don’t know what this is, don’t try it at home! Flambé is the art of igniting your food by the table before eating it. Bananas Foster is a Flambé dessert, and its stunning effect is obtained by lighting the liquor on fire.

What about your gastronomic glossary? We’d like to see the terms you believe are essential to fine dining.

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