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Globe Trotter: World Travel Decor

Our Kingdom Animalia Collection evokes the spirit of world travel with charmingly adventurous finds that let you explore uncharted territories of home decor.

'ROUND THE WORLD. The worn and welcoming vibes of our vintage-inspired globe and map collection immediately imbue a room with cozy-yet-elegant ambiance. Feature grouped or singularly in living room, study, bedroom or guest room to achieve a well-traveled look.

SIGHT SEEING. Our well-priced antiqued metal and glass binoculars, telescope and magnifying glass recall the golden age of British safari travel. We imagine watching herds of zebras graze, spying on ants marching, or observing an infinite, starry night on the African savannah.

Natural choices for home office decor, our vintage-inspired binoculars and magnifying glasses are showcased handsomely on shelf or desk, while our telescope creates incredible visual impact when placed near spacious windows.

These decorative globes and magnifying glasses are modeled after vintage finds.

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