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Victorian Isles: Behind the Collection

Luxurious, enchanting and refreshingly romantic. Our new Victorian Isles Collection whisks away the doldrums of winter, introducing charming springtime touches to rejuvenate your space affordably.

Style Fit for a Queen
It was a fateful journey to Europe that sparked the vision for this captivating new collection. Our World Market merchants were inspired by the abundant Victorian-era architecture and décor, which highlight the wonderfully opulent styles in vogue following the Industrial Revolution, and during the reign of Britain’s Queen Victoria (1837-1901).

Our merchants fell head-over-heels for the ornate silhouettes, delicate patterns and lush hues that embellished the sophisticated homes of that period. They explored Europe's top antiques markets and elite contemporary design centers to gather inspiration for modern day re-imaginings of Victorian-era accents. Finally, they returned home and eagerly began to form this one-of-a-kind collection!

Old-Fashioned Charm
We've made it effortless to blend the romantic charm of the Victorian era into your home. Elegant curving lines, sumptuous material, carved wood and metal accents give our well-priced furniture pieces their comfortable appeal. Intricate scroll designs, geometric patterns and jewel-toned stripes are infused into our lovely décor and entertaining essentials. Glass cloches, antiqued wire birdcages, royal crown emblems and other iconic imagery offer hints of vintage flair.

A Secret Garden
Flora and fauna flourish throughout our Victorian Isles Collection. Floral fabrics in dreamy hues, as well as lively botanical patterns brighten any room. Artful bird and bug renderings whimsically recall antique science journals. Here's the perfect way to create a serene scene brimming with history and enduring beauty, at the most delightful prices.

Our new Victorian Isles Collection offers sumptuous,
enduring style at vintage values.

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