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Tea Party Essentials

Plan a fabulous garden tea party with these hot tea tips and nicely priced brewing essentials!

Host with the Most

Host a fabulously fun tea party at home in the dining room, or outdoors on the patio, and invite all of your tea-loving friends! Stock up beforehand on an array of tea varieties, sweet treats like cookies and scones, cute accessories and table linens, serving trays, tea cups and of course - teapots! Tip: if a well-matched setting isn't your "cup of tea", set out a creative assortment of teacups and saucers to let guests have fun mixing and matching their favorites.

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What's in a Good Teapot?

Teapots have been used for brewing tea for thousands of years, most notably in China; some of the earliest examples uncovered there were crafted from bronze and other metals. Today, most high-quality teapots are made from glass, ceramic, cast iron or steel, all of which provide good heat retention. Most modern teapots are also smaller in size to encourage smaller serving portions, which helps keep the incredible flavors and aromas concentrated. Set several teapots out for guests, each containing a different tea flavor, and let them pick!

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Turn a New Leaf

Loose leaf tea or teabags? Classic Earl Grey, spicy Chai or wild Hibiscus Coconut? With so many delicious options, it's impossible to pick just one! We recommend one or two tried-and-true picks, as well as a few unexpected "wild card" flavors for fun. Explore our global teas for a remarkable array of unique palate-pleasing sips.

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Fancy a Cup?

The European tea craze heated up in the late 17th century with the arrival of handcrafted teacups and flavorful teas exported from the Japanese port of Imari. Since then, teacups have evolved to include a huge variety of colors, patterns, designs and shapes.

When it comes to stylish tea-drinking, may your cup runneth over. Peruse our superb selection of Non-Paper Cups, stacking cups, tea infuser mugs, and new vintage-inspired Letterpress Mugs to find the design that's precisely your 'cup of tea.'

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Hot Tea Accessories

Honey, lemon, cream and sugar aren't the only extras that go hand-in-hand with tea. Specialized loose-leaf tea strainers, infusers, metal tins or wooden teabag containers are useful to have in the kitchen. Load up a tray full of these handy accessories to serve your tea party guests in style!

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