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5 Steps to a Home Office that Works

Let's get right down to business! Creating a home office space that inspires is easier and more affordable than ever with our simple and stylish solutions that range from larger pieces like desks and chairs, to storage, lighting and accessories.

When designing your office, the first question to ask yourself is: 'How do I want my workspace to make me feel?' The answer might be calm, energized, happy, organized, productive, creative, or a combination of these things. Go for items that speak to that feeling, and you'll end up with a customized space that helps you complete the tasks at hand with gusto. Below, you'll find our 5 steps for creating a personalized workspace that works for you.

Desks that Deliver

To find the perfect desk consider the size of the space you're working in and the type of work that needs to be done. For small spaces like dorm rooms, go for a desk that's stylish yet compact. For larger spaces and for work that needs to be spread out, make a dramatic impact with our assortment of more spacious desks or even a dining table.

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Have a Seat

A good office chair is a must if you plan to spend more than a few minutes at your desk. Pick the perfect perch to fit the style of the room - for example, a metal and wood folding chair for loft-themed spaces, or an elegantly shaped chair for a more feminine setting. Be sure it's conducive to good posture so you can buckle down and burn through that to-do list comfortably.

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Stylish Storage & Accessories

If you want to see a statement other than the one from the bank in your home office, pick up a few functional items that express your personality. Eye-catching globes and bookends can be both useful and artful. Unique boxes, paper trays and desk organizers allow you to store more while making the space truly feel like your own.

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Bright Ideas

A key component to a successful home office is proper lighting. Not only does lighting help you prevent work-related maladies like eye strain, but it also helps to keep you motivated when you're burning the midnight oil. Plus, lighting can make a style statement. Take a tour of our plug-and-play task lighting to find the look that turns you on.

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Come to Order

Overwhelmed by stacks of paper, filing fodder and books everywhere? Our office storage solutions like bookshelves, rolling carts, baskets and more make it easy to make a place for everything and keep everything in its place. Plus, since there are so many styles to choose from, it's easy to find the looks that work with your design scheme.

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