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6 New Year's Resolutions

This year, be bold! Be daring! Try new things!
Kick off the New Year in fun, fashionable and delicious ways with these
six simple resolution solutions chosen by our World Market experts.

Bring the
Party Home!

Wintertime is primetime for indoor
entertaining! Resolve to host a get-together
in your home while the weather outside is frightful.
Throw a themed dinner party centered around your favorite
regions or foods like Italian, Japanese or Caribbean. Ask guests to
dress accordingly, and pick up a few festive decorative accents!
Or, get gourmet by hosting a tapas party featuring our selection of meats, cheeses and other tasty tidbits displayed atop our fun serving essentials.

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Eat In More Often

Why brave the cold and spend extra cash when you can cozy up with gourmet dishes right at home? Resolve to treat yourself and your family or friends to the enticing tastes and aromas of homemade stews, soups, jambalayas or casseroles. You'll need only a high quality Dutch Oven or Baker and a good recipe or mix to get going - we recommend our scrumptious World Market® Dutch Oven Favorites.

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Go Green!

There are a million ways to get a little greener. Resolve to make a simple tweak or two to your shopping list - little things add up and they can make a real difference! Here are a few basic buying tips:

Buy reusable items. Instead of getting paper coffee cups at the corner coffee shop, bring one of our popular Non-Paper Cups to fill. Buy renewable materials like fast-growing woods and fibers such as bamboo, jute and water hyacinth. Buy recycled materials and give older items new life! Our global assortment features unique converted finds like recycled glass, wood, toys and even Indian saris. Plus, composting is easy to do every day with our (rather stylish!) compost containers.

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Try a New Wine

Whether you're a seasoned oenophile or a wine beginner, there's always something new and incredible to be discovered in the wonderful world of wine. Try these ideas to challenge your taste buds throughout the New Year:

If you normally gravitate towards reds, make a beeline toward the white wines and pick out something interesting, like a viognier, gewürztraminer or moscato - and visa versa! Stop into your local World Market store and ask the wine expert to randomly choose his or her favorite global varietal for you. Read up on how and why the correct wine glass brings out amazing nuances in your wine, and stock up on a few of each type - you might even like to host a wine tasting party of your own!

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Rediscover the Art of Letter Writing

Unplug from digital devices, grab an ink pen and rediscover the semi-lost art of letter writing. Good old-fashioned handwritten letters to friends or relatives are guaranteed to make their day, and they'll make you feel great, too! Explore our spectacular array of stationery and greeting cards and pick your favorite designs.

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Refresh with Rugs

Make a bold move this season by adding vivid-colored rugs to your favorite hangout spots. You'll be surprised by how quickly the fresh hues can take your space to exciting new levels of style. So go ahead, shake the "winter blahs" from your home decor in a flash with our huge assortment of fabulously priced rugs.

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