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Los Muertos: A Lively celebration

Today, Halloween is a night of spooky costumes, parties, horror flicks and trick-or-treating. But it was born as the eve of All Saints' Day, a day honoring the dead. It's still celebrated by cultures around the world, with holiday traditions ranging from somber to joyful. Los Muertos is our global collection that transports the colorful, eerie beauty of these celebrations into your home.

In Bali, we found skilled artisans who gather artistic inspiration from the traditional tattoos of the Indonesian Dayak Tribe. The artists carve and paint wooden skeletal figures by hand, creating detailed expressions of death in brilliant colors and patterns. We were thrilled to bring you these exotic handcrafted works of art all the way from Indonesia.

But, our vision of Los Muertos had us searching for even more global inspiration. Dia de los Muertos, or "Day of the Dead", is still celebrated on All Saints' Day around the world. The colorful festival overflows with tradition and cultural art. We were taken with the beauty of Mexico's brightly painted sugar skulls, marigolds and grave offerings, and so our Los Muertos collection reflects this vibrant and colorful Mexican celebration.

From the hand carved albasia wood of Indonesia to the eye-catching colors of Mexico, our hanging skeletons, cats, and skull faces embody a worldly view of the holiday. Our hand carved wax candles and wood figurines bring table décor to life, while bamboo wind chimes welcome guests with bursts of sound and color. The resulting collection, blending the vivid hues, designs and decorations of Dia de los Muertos and Indonesian Dayak Tribe tattoo art, is sure to stir your spirits.

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