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Live it Up with Loft Style

The ultra hip Loft Style, wildly popular in urban homes across the globe in recent years, actually springs from old utilitarian wood-and-metal origins. Factories, welding workshops, blacksmith shops and other backdrops for trades of the Industrial Revolution have served as inspiration for this swiftly rising trend, which is sometimes aptly referred to as Industrial styling.

Design aficionados adore Loft Style for its modern twist on antique aesthetic, clean lines and uncomplicated vibe. However, because an all-over loft theme in the home may feel sparse or cold to some, we recommend these tips for infusing smaller dashes of Industrial into your existing decor for a warm, welcoming look:

Warm Woods & Heavy Metals
Bolts, brackets, oversized nail heads, wheels and other metal accents recall the days of steam engines and simple factory machinery. These details when combined with the rough-hewn grain of wood, result in furniture that simply radiates authentic vintage charm.

Mix it Up
Create an eclectic atmosphere by dispersing just a few of your favorite Loft Style finds throughout your space (as opposed to putting many in one room). Try a factory cart-inspired coffee table or side table in the living room. Add robust metal counter stools in the kitchen. Or use an Industrial-inspired cabinet as a buffet in the dining room.

These solid, metal-embellished furniture pieces offer a complementary contrast to softer sofas, chairs and plush rugs, blending nicely to give your home a sophisticated-yet-relaxed feel.

Accessorize Wisely
Once you’ve tested the waters of this irresistible style and fallen in love with the look (we think it’s hard not to!) you may want to introduce a few Loft-inspired accessories. Go for unexpected items like unique lighting, metal storage baskets, metal or wood wine racks, or reproduction vintage signs. These simple, affordable items will be the icing on the cake for your casual, comfy, contemporary space.

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    Loft Style furniture can work in any design scheme. Balance robust metal and wood furniture with natural fibers and soft materials.

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