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Know Your Rug Materials

At World Market, we're known for our large selection of stylish rugs crafted of many different materials. From natural fibers to high-quality handmade yarns, discover our array of hand made rugs to find the perfect match for any room.

New Zealand Wool: A Lineage of
Premium Quality

Typically regarded as a superior type of wool, New Zealand wool is made from sheep that have been carefully selected and bred to meet the country's stringent criteria to bear the "New Zealand" label, including prized
merino sheep.

Ultra soft and high in quality, New Zealand wool creates remarkably plush rugs with an amazing underfoot feel. Plus, it's incredibly durable and sheds less than other types of wool.

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Positively Plush Wool

Sheep's wool is one of the most luxurious natural fibers available, which is why we chose it to handcraft some of our most elegant rugs, including our Kilims from the Near East and our eye-catching carved rugs.

Our stunning Flokati rugs handcrafted in Greece of 100% natural undyed wool embody the best that wool has to offer. Soft and long lasting, these exquisite
rugs are also hand felted in the waters of Greece resulting in an impressively
thick pile for the plushest underfoot feel. Whatever type of wool rug you
choose, you can be sure its good looks and supple feel will endure
the wear and tear of time.

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Customizable Seagrass Matting Collection

We're delighted to announce that our popular Seagrass Matting is back! Available in four customizable sizes, this collection is ideal for everyday use.

We love the beautiful texture of seagrass and its natural tone that complements any decor. Our seagrass rugs are customizable to fit any space in your home for designer looks at the lowest prices.

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The Luxury of Jute

Harvested from the jute plant, jute fiber is renowned for its luxurious
sheen, durability and affordability, which is why we chose it to craft some of
our best-selling handwoven rugs. Not to mention it's rapid renewability makes
it incredibly sustainable!

Artisans adore jute fiber for its malleability, which allows it to be braided and
woven by hand in boucle and basket weaves. Wonderful for high-traffic areas,
the alluring luster of jute rugs lasts and lasts.

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Sisal: A Solid Foundation

Harvested from the agave plant, sisal is a supremely durable fiber that is used
to create some of our favorite basic rugs with neutral tones that complement
any décor theme.

While sisal is often crafted into flat woven rugs, we also adore it in a boucle
weave bordered by other materials like cotton. Whether you choose a rug
in natural khaki or in one of our colorful variations, the refined look of sisal
beautifully withstands everyday tread.

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Hides and Leather
for a Bold Statement

Our hide and leather rugs are stunning adornments all on their own, but layer
one on top of another rug-especially one crafted of natural fibers-and you'll
bring a room together in all its striking splendor. To ensure the highest quality,
we chose natural hides from Brazil, which are renowned for their superior

Explore our selection of rugs crafted of reclaimed leather blended with natural
fibers for a unique eco-chic look. These distinguished flooring options are sure
to be noticed!

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Cotton Creations from Around the Globe

We're simply smitten with the versatility of cotton and chose it to craft some of our
most cherished rugs-from Indian styles like dhurries block printed by hand and
chindi rugs made of reclaimed fabric, to chenille bathmats and basic, everyday
handwoven rugs.

Cotton can be woven into many different constructions and, because it easily
absorbs dyes, it can be printed with an array of designs. Soft underfoot, cotton
wears well overtime, ensuring long lasting good looks.

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The Many Materials of Chindi

A traditional art form in India, chindi rugs are commonly crafted of cotton, but
our chindi collection includes authentic rugs crafted of many types of materials
like reclaimed sari fabric, jute, leather, silk and even candy wrappers! In addition
to the variations of handcrafting, each material gives every rug unique appeal.

Explore our selection of chindi rugs to find exclusive designs featuring a variety of
weaves, materials, colors and even block prints done by hand using hand
carved wood blocks.

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Recycled Plastic Bottle Rugs: Surprisingly Soft

You'd never guess by looking at them, but each of these exclusively designed indoor-outdoor rugs is crafted with anywhere from 80 to 320 plastic bottles. Recycling those bottles for use in a sustainable rug goes a long way towards helping the planet without sacrificing style.

The durable construction of these rugs makes them perfect indoors or out, in high-traffic areas. They are soft underfoot and wear well over time, adding beauty to your space for years to come.

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Rug Pads: Hidden Gems

Rugs pads prevent rugs (and people) from slipping, it's
true. But did you know they also function as a virtual fountain
of youth, extending the life and looks of your rugs by years? Plus,
they help protect the floors beneath from high-traffic wear and
tear. We recommend a rug pad for every rug in your home,
from the small to the spacious (even those with latex backing) to
keep your favorite rugs looking fit and fashionable for longer.

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