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4 Stylish Ways to Set the Table

Your mother may have told you (correctly) to start with the outside utensils and work your way in; top to bottom with bowls and plates; glasses on the right. But here are some special tips for dining presentations, which mom might not have mentioned, to help you set your table with affordable flair!

Breakfast & Brunch

The most important meal of the day can also be the most beautiful when you design cheery place settings.

  1. The basics: Dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, small accoutrement bowl or plate, juice glass, tea or coffee mug and saucer, and all needed utensils.
  2. Create a welcoming ambiance with lush tones, from dinnerware to table linens. There's no better way for your family or guests to begin the day than with lovely floral and botanical prints inviting them to sit and savor the moment. 
  3. Bright idea: Write each guest's name on a sunny yellow lemon with a sharpie and place at each setting for a delightful name card.
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Lunch is the perfect occasion for blending formal looks with comfortable, casual ambiance. 

  1. The basics: Keep place setting relatively simple with a dinner plate, salad plate, water glass, cloth napkin and spoon, fork and knife.
  2. Experiment with textures by mixing delicate-patterned table linens and rough-hewn accents like twine, natural fiber chargers and wooden serveware. 
  3. Bright idea: Pick up a few wedges of gourmet cheese, a cheese board and use our cheese markers to set up a cheese station to pass around the table for dessert. This is a favorite post-meal treat in France!
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Eclectic Dinner

Create an inviting dinnertime setting with warm hues, varying textures and a charming centerpiece.

  1. The basics: Dinner plate, salad plate, charger, cloth napkin and appropriate utensils. Set out both a white wine glass and a red wine glass so guests can pick their pour.
  2. A grouping of tealight and votive candles, candleholders and a few florals in small glasses or vases offers a simple-yet-elegant visual element that won't block any guest's view.
  3. Bright idea: Overlap 2 or 3 table runners of different colors or patterns for an extra unique take on tradition.
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Sophisticated Dinner

Whether it's for a special occasion, or just because - give your table and your dinner guests the royal treatment on any budget.

  1. The basics: Dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, charger, cloth napkin and appropriate utensils (including a dessert spoon), plus white and red wine glasses and water glass.
  2. As a rule of thumb, use your dinnerware as the center of balance; build outward keeping everything evenly spaced. 
  3. Bright idea: Alternate geometric shapes for a dose of eye-catching drama. Fold table napkins into squares and layer between round plates.
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