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Create a Terrarium in 3 Simple Steps

These lush miniature landscapes are refreshing sights during winter months, and make for soothing scenery all year long. Follow our three easy steps to create a terrific budget-friendly terrarium in no time flat (no green thumbs necessary!).

Step 1: Choose a Container
Explore our stellar selection of terrariums—they’re ideal for growing the indoor oasis of your dreams. Or, get creative with just about any container that fits your style and space. Our favorite alternatives include: Clear glass cloches, candleholders, vases, bowls, water pitchers, mason jars, apothecary jars and glass kitchen storage jars.

Choose according to the plants you wish to feature and where you want to display them in your home. Moisture-loving succulents thrive in a container with a lid to retain humidity, and are great for low-light areas. Cacti do well in drier, open-air vessels, and are perfect for sunnier spots. Be sure the container you use is washed out and clean before you start.

Step 2: Get the Ingredients
f your terrarium. Starting at the bottom and working upward, layer in stones for drainage, then crushed charcoal (to keep soil fresh), sand, and lastly, a thick layer of soil. Then, top it o A quick trip to your local garden supply store can help you lay the 'groundwork' off with our oh-so green terrarium moss to create an extra lush environment.

Step 3: Landscaping Time!
Landscaping is the best part about this project! Place plants inside starting with the largest, and try not to overcrowd. Chopsticks or dinner knives are helpful tools for creating small holes in the soil for the plants or flowers. We love adding miniature animal figurines or toys to make the scenery even more fun!

The upkeep on a terrarium couldn't be simpler. Water or mist open-air vessels once per week; succulents may need a little more, and cacti a little less. Closed terrariums rarely need watering. Prune back any dead foliage to avoid rotting.

Voila! You've created a miniature oasis of lush greenery to enjoy throughout the seasons.

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    Put together a serene green terrarium scene
    using our array of glass containers.

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