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Discover the Art of Block Printing

Hand block printing is a traditional handicraft that has been practiced throughout the world for hundreds of years and in a variety of cultures. The process is very methodical, time intensive and thoughtful, and each printed design is subject to a wide array of variations. What that means is that, even though the patterns and shapes of each finished rug may be similar, each one is its own unique work of art with natural differences in shading and color intensity. It's truly the only printing technique we've found that reflects its craftsman in such a personal way.

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How is Block Printing Done?

Patterns like flowers, animals, paisley and swirls are carved into wooden blocks. These blocks are coated with dyes that are made from colorful spices or fresh herbs.

After the block is coated thoroughly with the dye, it is pressed firmly and evenly onto the fabric to transfer the design.

Artisans will then repeat the pattern around the edge to create a border, or work out in concentric circles from the middle to create a circular image.

When the pressing is complete, the artisan uses a paintbrush, or, in the case of our Kalamkari Rugs, a bamboo pen to fill in the patterns and enrich the colors.

Charming Handwoven Chindi Rugs

These stunning multicolored masterpieces come from humble beginnings. Skillful rug artisans of India hand weave our chindi rugs from a variety of reclaimed fabrics such as leather scraps, velvet curtains, cotton and jute remnants, and recycled silk and chiffon saris. So, not only are our chindi rugs eco-conscious and gorgeously handcrafted - each one is a truly original piece of art.

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