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A Story Unwrapped: Our Handmade Paper

Our exclusive gift bags, wrapping paper and boxes are handcrafted in India, using an ancient papermaking technique.

The art of papermaking has existed for more than 2,000 years, and is often passed down through numerous generations of "kagzis" (derived from "kavas", the Urdu word for paper). While the crafting process has certainly evolved, it still takes many hours of work and multiple steps to transform recycled cotton fabric into our stunning paper.

STEP 1: White cotton remnants are collected and run through a rag chopping machine, creating tiny bits. The bits are mixed with water and passed through blades to form a paste.

STEP 2: The paste is transferred to tanks, mixed with more water, then lifted from below by flat iron mesh and stacked between sheets of fabric. Next, a hydraulic press flattens the sheets and removes excess water.

STEP 3: After drying, sheets are passed through a pressing machine, which uses rollers and iron plates to create evenness. Each and every sheet is then checked for blemishes. Once it has the thumbs up, it's sent to be screen printed in an array of dazzlingly exotic designs, many of which are created by our own World Market merchants. The result of this lengthy process is an incredible assortment of eco-conscious, one-of-a-kind works of art that make each gift you give even more special.

Handmade paper

Our exclusive gift bags, ornate wrapping paper and gift boxes are handcrafted of recycled cotton fabric.

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