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Easter Traditions Hatch in the Home

Get your home Easter-ready to greet the first signs of spring
with pastel-hued decor and loads of fun and whimsical items
rooted in Easter Tradition from our Easter Shop. Hop to it!

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is as much a part of American culture as
Santa Claus and the Jack-o-lantern. Pennsylvania Dutch
settlers in the 1700s came to America with tales of the
"Oschter Haws" or Easter Hare, who would leave colored
eggs in the homes of well-behaved children. Over time, the
eggs left by the Easter hare or bunny have gotten sweeter,
more decorative and elaborate-and more fun to find!

Hop into Easter on the right decor note with our selection
of natural fiber bunnies, chocolate bunnies, bunny guest
and beverage napkins, and other bunny-themed decor and

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Easter Baskets

Traditionally, bonnets and caps were used to hold sweet
treats and treasures "left" by the Easter bunny. Today,
baskets come in all shapes, sizes and materials, with a
basket for every personality and style.

Bring whimsy and color to your home and egg
hunt-with our selection of unique and affordable Easter
baskets. From natural fiber baskets to gift bags, charming
buckets to laser-cut felt totes, simply pick a basket that
suits your style and get started. Add a little basket "grass"
then fill the basket with treats, and tie everything together
with a bow.

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Easter Eggs

Pagan folktales describe Eostre, the goddess of Spring,
saving a bird with frozen wings by turning it into a bunny.
Since the rabbit was a bird in its past life, it could still lay
eggs! Today, eggs continue to be a symbol of fertility and
new beginnings, making it the perfect home decor accent
for Spring.

Take your pick from our hand-painted wood eggs, bright
plastic eggs, and papier-mache eggs, and fill them with
little surprises, like chocolate eggs, sugared eggs with tiny
peek-a-boo scenes. Happy hunting!

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The Easter Tree

In central Europe, eggs in traditional Easter foods are not
broken, but "blown", with the empty shells painted and
decorated with lace or ribbon, which are then hung on a
small leafless tree-the Easter Tree. Here in the U.S., you'll
often see the Easter Tree hung with brightly dyed eggs, a
tradition carried to America by German settlers.

Count down the days 'til the Bunny comes with a wire tree
and delightful, miniature ornaments. Pick from our painted
egg ornaments, decoupage ornaments, or wood laser-cut
ornaments, and delight in the anticipation of Easter as you
hang each piece.

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World Market Traditions

We've been creating felt baskets for the young and
young-at-heart for over 50 years. This year, our unique
baskets come in an array of bright colors and have unique,
exclusive designs, like laser-cut details, wooden creature
accents, three-dimensional details that add pop to any egg
hunt or home decor.

Complete your Easter look with one of our felt baskets, and
fill each one-and your home-with another World Market
tradition, our adorable Easter chicks, which come in bright,
saturated hues.

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