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8 Ways to Decorate with Birdcages

Forget their conventional use, vintage-inspired birdcages are all the rage as unique decorative accents inside and outside the home. Let your imagination fly free with these eight fun ideas for featuring birdcages in soaring style!

#1 HANG TIME: Create a charmingly romantic and unique look for intimate backyard weddings and other special events by hanging several antiqued birdcages here and there among the trees.

#2 FLOWER FEATURE: A vase of your favorite blooms is elegantly showcased inside a birdcage. Perch the entire display on the fireplace mantel or a side table for a charming effect! Also, try stowing houseplants or a collection of small terrariums inside for a verdant oasis in miniature.

#3 JEWELRY COLLECTOR: With oodles of crisscrossing wire, a birdcage offers a sensational frame for hanging earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Use the inside for storing scarves, or for keeping a ring dish or two.

#4 CENTER OF ATTENTION: Birdcages make for beautiful tabletop centerpieces, particularly in outdoor garden or patio settings. Fill them with wild flowers for a delightfully fresh look for birthday parties or showers.

#5 LATEST FLAME: Here's a spectacular new way to feature candles! Group pillars of varying heights inside a birdcage for a dazzling display of mood lighting you'll love wherever you place it.

#6 KEEPSAKE KEEPER: Showcase a collection of smaller keepsakes, knickknacks or holiday décor inside. Our birdcages are especially perfect for antique collectibles!

#7 WARM GREETINGS: For a holiday soiree, a wedding, a birthday, anniversary party or any occasion where greeting cards are expected, a birdcage can serve as a fine depository. Just add a small sign, or have a the first few guests slide their cards in through the wires and the subsequent guests will know to follow suit!

#8 LIGHT UP THE NIGHT: Wrap clear electric string lights throughout the wires of the cage to create a one-of-a-kind sparkling lightshow for indoor or outdoor entertaining ambiance.

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