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Creative Ways to Use Chalkboards

Let's talk chalk! With their nearly unlimited uses and unique designs, chalkboards just might be our favorite trend of the season. These classic academic essentials (fact: chalkboards have been around in one form or another for at least a thousand years) are no longer confined to the classroom, or even the corner cafe. They've become the newest sensation in home décor and entertaining. Here are our top creative ideas for getting on board the chalkboard train.


Shopping lists. Honey-do lists. Notes to self (pick up the dry cleaning). Notes to others (clean your room). Personal mantras (keep calm and carry on). A strategically placed chalkboard is an amazingly helpful tool for keeping everyday chaos under control. Position chalkboard easels or wall mounts in the kitchen, entryway, mudroom, hallway, bedroom doors, or anyplace that's convenient for getting a message across.


While mother may have warned you as a child not to draw on the wall (whether that warning was heeded or not), these days chalkboard paint makes it possible to exercise creative expression indoors wherever you like! Use our Chalkboard Door to display artistic doodles. Give storage spots like our Chalkboard Shelf added character by creatively labeling each level with the name of its contents. Decorate the living room or dining room wall with a collage of personalized chalk art à la you.


Turn your next potluck into an extra chic shindig with Mini Easels to mark the names of dishes. Tag jars or sauce bowls with chalkboard labels. Use our chalkboard cutting board to describe various meats, cheeses and other small bites.


Little touches here and there have a memorable, and much-appreciated effect when you’re hosting birthdays, brunches, wedding showers, baby showers or any cause for celebration. Offer a warm welcome to party guests with a friendly chalkboard message at the entryway. Employ our Mini Chalkboards on a String to spell things out. Use our Chalkboard Baskets for everything from offering take-home trinkets to collecting cards and gifts.

Chic chalkboards are the season's most notable new way of decorating.

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