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3 Hair-Raising Halloween Party Ideas

Gaze into your crystal ball: do you foresee a Vintage, Classic or Scary Halloween party in your future? Choose your favorite and shop the look for a one-of-a-kind monster mash!

1. Vintage

If bobbing for apples and reading fortunes sends shivers down your spine, make your party a vintage-style soiree!

Our nostalgic Vintage Halloween Collection is crawling with turn-of-the-century charm, art deco style and popular spooky hues of yesteryear. Adorn the table with spooky finds like our glitter hands, rats, and gargoyles with gleaming red eyes. Vintage Reproduction Halloween Postcard Ornaments look positively Victorian while hanging from doorknobs and banisters.

Our Glitter Spider Web Cauldron, Witch’s Boots and assorted taper candles and holders all come in fun, retro colors for a vintage-inspired effect. And our Caramel Apple Cake Pop Kit puts a deliciously modern twist on a tried-and-true vintage favorite!

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2. Classic

Shop our classic Halloween treats and decorations to throw the perfect party — it’ll be monstrous fun for the whole family! Light up the night with our Halloween Paper Luminaries and set the table with mysterious treat containers, a glass cloche or two, toxic drink dispensers and Name Your Poison glassware to get the party started.

Bite into our Halloween themed treats like Skeleton Bone Cheese Crunchies and dreadfully delicious Body Parts Lollipops. Creepy critter cupcakes look extra spooky in our Spider Cupcake Stands. And when serving Halloween “worm” pasta or spider salad, our Skeleton Hands Servers and Frankenstein and Dracula Break Resistant plates and platters are here to help!

With bright Halloween colors and spooky characters, your home décor can reflect an ideal mix of fright and fun. Just scatter dead twigs and cobwebs around the place and you’re ready to party!

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3. Scary

Take a look if you dare! We’ve got loads of creepy decorations, food and drink, dinnerware, glassware and more at freakishly low prices. Hang our horrifying Faceless Ghouls and Ghosts at the front door above a menacing Skull and Bones Doormat. Inside, pose large hairy spiders and mummy cats around the cobwebbed furniture.

Don’t forget to add eerie lighting with our Spooky Silhouette Lanterns. Brew your Halloween goodies in bone-chilling style with our Skeletal Apron, and set the grinning Skull Timer to count down the seconds until your evil concoctions are complete.

With our wide selection of unique items, it’s eerily easy and affordable to scare your guests to pieces!

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