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3 Tips for Creative Candlescaping

A smartly crafted candlescape can transform any room into an inviting, relaxing sanctuary. Here, our candle experts offer their top tips for creating lovely lighting using our perfectly-priced candles.

1. HOT SPOTS. Location is key when candlescaping. Display candles where they can create lots of visual impact, yet are not at risk of being bumped. Dining tables, sturdy coffee tables or fireplace mantels are good options. Use temperature-safe holders or large plates, and be sure to keep candles spaced at least two inches apart to reduce excessive heat and dripping.

A well-positioned wall mirror reflects candlelight beautifully. Also, small- or medium-sized mirrors can be laid flat to function as a reflective candleholder.

2. SCENTS & SENSIBILITY. Scented candles have been used for hundreds of years around the world as a way to unwind and soothe the senses. Peruse our selection of fragrant candles in various sizes and choose your favorite scents to infuse the room. Stick to just one at a time to avoid muddled scents. Also, when food is being served, use unscented candles so as not to influence the aroma of the dishes.

3. MORE IS MORE! To build a truly eye-catching centerpiece, group several candles of varying heights together - at least 3 for a well-balanced look. Using same or similar color tones creates cohesiveness. Also, try enhancing the visual interest with natural textures. Pebbles, sand, marbles and seashells featured at the base of the candle grouping complement the glowing scene gorgeously.

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