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Brilliant Baskets! Why We Love Them

Philippines. Vietnam. Indonesia. We go where the world's best basket makers reside, and where the highest-quality materials grow. No matter how many times we’ve partnered with the skilled artisans of these far-flung regions, we're always giddy to see the results!

Each of our baskets is completely unique; superbly handcrafted using sustainable native materials like sea grass, rattan, jute, madras, water hyacinth and beyond. Our baskets also showcase a variety of amazingly creative weaves, from loose, airy patterns to dense, braided designs. With their distinctive silhouettes, color tones and sizes, these exotic woven wonders lend themselves to all sorts of uses in the home.

Form & Function

There may very well be hundreds of ways to infuse baskets into everyday life, they're without a doubt one of the most versatile items you can have on hand at home. Large baskets are fabulous holders for guest bath towels, extra blankets, fireplace logs, or stylish container for children's toys; plus they work wonderfully as clothes hampers, and if they feature flat lids, handy small side tables.

Medium-sized baskets fit the bill as storage spots for magazines, books or vinyl records; toilet paper rolls in the bathroom, table linens, a collection of scarves or gloves, umbrellas, and they make great potted plant holders.

Small baskets can't be beat for keeping all the little things in life collected in one place, tidy and uncluttered. Load them up with office supplies, kitchen tools, spice jars, make-up products, TV remotes, incoming mail or your favorite jewelry. Small baskets are also absolutely ideal to pack full of fun little finds and give as custom-made (and reusable!) gift baskets.

Explore More Decor

Though we love using baskets for practical purposes, these artistic pieces can also fly solo, serving as sculpture atop lofty shelves or as coffee table centerpieces when filled with items like shells, stones or vintage bits and bobs. Or, try hanging more flat-shaped baskets on the wall for an eclectic wow-factor.

The textured basket fibers bring a natural element to any room, which according to the art of Feng Shui, promotes a relaxed, tranquil feeling throughout your space. All the more reason to make baskets your go-to decor staples!

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