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7 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Our beautifully-patterned scarves are amazingly versatile! Give any ensemble a stylish new spin simply by changing the way you wear your scarf. Here are a few of our favorite tips for getting extra style miles from our nicely priced global scarves...

Casual Swing

This casually sophisticated look is achieved by folding a scarf in half, creating a loop. Wrap around your neck and pull one end through the loop, then bring the other end through as if weaving a basket.

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Transform office wear beautifully. Drape scarf in 1/3-2/3 lengths from the neckline. With the longer side, cross over and up, tying a loose knot and pulling the loop out just slightly.

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Bow Tie

Dress up office attire easily by making a loose bow at your neckline (just like tying your shoelaces). Leave extra length in the ends for a flowing touch.

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Wrap Around

'Round and 'round she goes! Fashion a unique look by twisting your scarf into a thick rope, looping it twice at your neck, and tying in back.

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French Twist

Tres chic! Gather a lightweight scarf and wrap closely around your neck twice, twisting slightly. Knot the ends to one side to complete this classic Parisian style.

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Shoulder Wrap

Lovely and feminine; simply drape a wide scarf around your shoulders and make a loose knot at the front. Or, shift the knot to the side for an off-the-shoulder look.

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Double Knot

A double knot is twice as nice. Knot your scarf at varying lengths from the ends and drape from your neck. This creates a trendy asymmetrical look that works as well for the office as it does for the weekend.

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