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5 Bright Ideas To Light The Home

Shed light on your space with minimal effort and maximum impact. Our easy-to-use swag kits and hardwire kits are ideal for those looking to enhance their ambiance, with little to no hardwiring required. See if any of these bright ideas give you a light bulb moment for your own home.

Idea 1: Knotted Up

Throw your room a touch of industrial style by knotting two or more rope cord swag kits together in a "box knot" style. Simply attach the metal hooks to hang each rope from the ceiling, screw in the bulbs, and plug the kits into an outlet for instant illumination. The overall effect adds antique chic flair to a room while providing creative lighting that's a style match for lofts, studios and small spaces.

Idea 2: Single and Exposed

A cord swag kit lights up an area with ease. Pair the kit with an explosed filament bulb like our Edison bulb, and you have industrial-chic 'plug and play' lighting, wherever you want, whenever you want.

Idea 3: Cluster Drama

Grouping lanterns is an affordable way to create volume and can transform a stripped space from barely there to pulled-together. Simply attach the metal hooks from our swag kits to hang rope or cords from the ceiling, add on our sculptural pendants, lanterns or shades, screw in the bulbs, and plug the kits into an outlet. The end result is high drama style without the fuss and cost of electrical hardwiring.

Idea 4: Layered Lighting

Adding on drum shades or lanterns to our cord kits and hanging the lights at varying heights are a simple, affordable way to define a space above a home bar, breakfast nook, or hallway. Our 3-Arm Electrical Ceiling Hardwire Kit can be installed over any existing electrical ceiling fixture. The kit has three adjustable cords that can hang down from a metal canopy at different lengths, creating a layered effect that is both sophisticated and stylish.

Idea 5: Think Outside the Line

Get creative when it comes to how you lay your cord on-or off-the ceiling. Lift a room's look by creating loops and other shapes with the cord. Add interest to your light pendant by thinking outside of a straight line from plug to bulb, and encourage people to look up and take notice of your light fixture.

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