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3 Ways to Hang your Art

Be Unique! Art is personal, and the way you display it can be just as meaningful. We've compiled a few of our favorite ideas. Take a look to find the style that fits your personality:

Creative Collage

Skip the formal art arrangement in favor of a lively wall collage full
of fun, bohemian flair.
1. Gather a mix of framed art and decor in a variety of colors,
shapes, textures and sizes.
2. Start by scattering bold pieces that anchor the eye, leaving room
for smaller items in between.
3. Include knickknacks, found objects or travel souvenirs for an even
more personal touch.
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Laid-Back Layers

Who said you had to hang everything? Leaning art on a shelf,
table or even the floor adds depth to your collection.
1. Select complementary pieces of different sizes with a casual
mix of frames for visual interest.
2. Lean larger and taller items against the wall first. We love an
asymmetrical look with plenty of different heights.
3. Layer in smaller sizes last so all your edges overlap while still
displaying part of every piece.
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Stunning Symmetry

Keep things linear for a modern gallery look that evokes style,
simplicity and distinctive design.
1. Choose works that match in subject, color scheme and shape.
Identical sizes add to a sense of order.
2. Grab your pencil, tape measure and level to ensure clean lines
and even spaces before you get started!
3. Hang above a long piece of furniture such as a sofa, console or
desk to make a striking visual impact.
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