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3 Ways to Go Wild with Rugs

Set out on a safari of style with our adventurous array of artisan crafted Kingdom Animalia rugs! The stunning tribal-inspired designs and quality fabric were all hand-selected by our buyers to bring incredible authenticity, value and wild fashion for your floors.

HAUTE HIDE RUGS. Elevate the eclectic flair of your space affordably with a one-of-a-kind floorshow. Our natural Brazilian cowhides, known for their incredible quality, transition effortlessly from casual dining spots to luxury living areas, and everything in between. Try a layered look with several hides or fiber rugs for up-to-the-minute style. Brush these ultra fashionable finds from time to time, and you can expect your cowhide rug to stay beautiful for ages.

WILD & WOOLY. Rugs are hitting stylish new heights this season, with chic shag rugs popping up in exclusive boutiques across the globe. Supremely textured, these easy-care, non-shed rugs provide a lush base you can afford to build a wildly stylish room around. Topping our list are: living room, dining room, bedrooms and home office.

ART SHOW. To assemble a collection of unique painted rugs for our Kingdom Animalia Collection, we journeyed to the rug capital of the world: India. There, we discovered talented artisans able to put a distinctive spin on traditional rug designs. Each jute and cotton rug is painstakingly applied with breathtaking tribal and zebra patterns, hand painted using age-old block printing techniques.

3 ways to go wild with rugs

Our well-priced handcrafted rugs bring wild style to your home instantly.

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