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Recycle, Repurpose, Refresh

Discover unique finds for your home that help you live an Earth-conscious lifestyle every day, in a variety of ways.

From canvas art featuring ink made from recycled materials and artisanal handcrafted outdoor furniture made from plantation-grown hardwoods, to our own Fair Trade Certified coffee, we're working to provide customers with options for environmentally responsible living.

Our buyers often return from their international treasure hunts bearing green-minded finds with remarkable back-stories. Recent tales include rugs fashioned by village artisans in India using colorful repurposed saris. Another story details the discovery of recycled glass vases handcrafted by local artisans in Spain.

On the practical side, we're proud to offer top-quality yet affordable selections for the home that encourage eco-awareness. Stylish compost buckets, reusable insulated lunch bags and biodegradable bamboo plates are just a few of our Earth-conscious items to choose from.

How green can you go? Start your search today with these great picks to set you on your way toward a greener home environment. Mother Earth will thank you!