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Farmer's Market

Make the most of your Farmer's Market experience with our affordable and unique assortment of mason jars, storage containers and other kitchen gadgets. Shop smart at the market and preserve the freshness at home with World Market's help.
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Before heading to the your local farmer's market, ensure you've got all the essentials you need to carry, preserve and transport all the delicious fruits and vegetables you'll buy. Bring reusable tote bags and maybe even a folding shopping cart. Bring small bills and an open mind to explore new, interesting fruits and vegetables in season. Don't forget to bring the cooler or insulated bag if you are picking up eggs, cheese, milk, meat or fish. These prepping tips are a game changer for your farmers market experience.

Stock up on glass jars, the perfect storage jars for buying in bulk. Load up on a whole box of plum tomatoes or raspberries instead of just a pint and learn how to can with mason jars. With the progressive berry, fruit or vegetable container, you can preserve freshness for up to two weeks longer and save space in the refrigerator. Add variety to your meals with three quick pickling recipes for your fresh seasonal produce. You'll thank yourself on many a late-working evening.