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CRAFT - Morocco
CRAFT - Morocco

From delicately painted tagines to handwoven khobz bread baskets, handcrafted babouche slippers to jewel-toned ceramic vases, and handcrafted authentic leather poufs handmade by a artisans, our love of Morocco truly comes to life in this vibrant collection.

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Destination: Morocco

Destination: Morocco

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Caramel Leather Moroccan Pouf

Caramel Leather Moroccan Pouf

Painted Souk Spice Rack

Painted Souk
Spice Rack

Khobz Bread Basket

Bread Basket

Red Painted Dowry Chest

Red Painted
Dowry Chest

Ceramic Mudahal Urn

Mudahal Urn

Blue Leather Babouche Shoes

Blue Leather
Babouche Shoes

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