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Global Christmas Treats & Traditions


Germany's long-treasured holiday treats are now beloved the world-over. From delicate marzipan candies to decadent cakes and chocolates, German desserts bring an enchanting finish to any holiday dinner.

Stollen & Lebkuchen
Mouthwatering and rich, our authentic Stollen is best enjoyed with dark coffee or a cup of hot tea. A softer, cake-like cousin to gingerbread, Lebkuchen can be traced all the way back to 13th century Germany where it was created by monks.

Sacher Torte
We're especially fond of the famous Sacher Torte, first invented by an apprentice chef for the prince of Austria to enjoy. With sweet apricot filling inside, this rich dark chocolate cake is coated with a chocolate ganache. Who could resist?

Advent Calendars
Filled with luscious German chocolates, our advent calendars let you count down to Christmas Eve in sweet anticipation.

If you ask us, it's our authentic German marzipan that takes the cake. Browse our selection of these beautifully crafted morsels and you'll see why we're the number one destination for marzipan in the U.S. You'll love our multiple styles of the famous marzipan pig - a symbol of good luck for the coming year.

Also known as "Speculoos" or "Speculaas," these shortcrust biscuits are a favorite during the annual St. Nicholas' feast. We adore these delicious bites featuring fragrant, seasonal spices such as cinnamon, pepper and cloves.

Whatever you're craving, our authentic German desserts are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Come and explore!


In Italy, recipes are lovingly passed down through the generations, and Italian holiday desserts often showcase candied fruit, fragrant spices and nuts from the harvest season.

A dessert-bread originally from Milan, now enjoyed around the globe during the Christmas season, panettone is traditionally filled with candied fruits and often paired with sparkling wine.

Panforte, called "strong bread" because of its deep spice flavors, hails from the Tuscany region of Italy and once was used as a form of payment to nuns and monks during the 13th century.

The star-shaped Pandoro is another favorite Italian dessert, and with its dusting of sugar, resembles Italy's mountainous, snow-covered Alps.

Traditionally made of honey, whipped egg whites, hazelnuts and almonds, Italian nougat makes the perfect holiday dessert and is enjoyed the world-over.


When the weather outside is frightful, our U.K. treats are so delightful! Our brilliant selection of desserts from across the pond will set your mouth watering.

Mincemeat Tarts
A medieval tradition, mincemeat was historically filled with meat, but now this U.K. holiday favorite is typically filled with sweet fruits and warm spices.

Dessert Pudding
Our ready-made puddings bring the traditional taste of these crowd-pleasers into your home for Christmas Eve and beyond, without the time or the mess.

Christmas Crackers
Typically filled with candy, small toys and surprises, the log-shaped Christmas cracker was inspired by a crackling fireplace and pops open with a bang!

The ever-popular fruitcake has come a long way since the 18th century when it was outlawed for being too rich. Today, it’s a holiday classic.


Discover the flavors and age-old traditions of Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands, where spices were historically hard to come by and kept as a special indulgence for the holidays.

Nyakers Pepparkakor or Gingersnaps
Nyakers from Sweden are sweetly-spiced ginger cookies made from a secret family recipe based on the traditional preparation.

Delicious treats such as Pfeffernusse, or "pepper nut" biscuits, and Speculoos, shortcrust biscuits baked for St. Nicholas' feast, feature fragrant, seasonal spices.

Add Glogg, a spiced mulled wine mix and holiday favorite in chilly climates, to heated wine or boiling water for a comforting taste of the Christmas season.

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