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Plants and Gardening Tools

Create springtime freshness in your home and garden all year round. We have the materials you need for decorating with plants at an affordable price with our selection of live plants, gardening tools, fillers, glass containers, terrarium vessels for centerpieces, and more!
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Invite greenery into your indoor space with lush and airy vines, living ferns, refreshing lemon cypress and more with our gorgeous array of live greenery. Select from many low-maintenance yet striking plants that offer a restorative and natural way to decorate your home. A fresh rosemary tree in its terracotta pot makes for great kitchen decor and adds delectable flavor to meals. For a touch of your own personal style, put together a DIY terrarium with succulents, pebbles and sand to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. We have all the materials you'll need, from glass containers in a variety of styles and metal finishes to fillers and even a guide on how to create a mini-landscape in six easy steps.

Take your backyard decor up a notch and give it an enchanted garden feel by filling your rustic gardening tools box with vintage materials. Place a textured, geometric-patterned planter alongside wicker baskets and surround them with lanterns and live ivy birdcages. Grow your own mint for summer drinks in an on-trend planter with a cement and ivory crackle finish to lend a rustic yet modern appeal to your greenery. Explore all of our charming solutions that bring a breath of fresh air to your home.