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Discover fabulous new finds in unique home decor, high-quality furniture, delicious food and drinks, gifts, accessories, and seasonal and holiday items, all handpicked for you at the world's best and affordable prices.
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Discover our forever-fabulous trove of new treasures at World Market. Shop our site or stroll our aisles and explore new and exciting additions in seasonal products, fines wines, accessories, furniture, imported rugs, home decor and more. With a brand new assortment of products from around the world, refreshing anything from seasonal entertaining accents to delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes, dips and marinades is as simple as searching our online catalog. Check out what’s just in this season with stylish fashion trends, new furnishings and imports, and a huge assortment of brand new, ready to give holiday gifts and stocking stuffers; this season's annual shopping scramble just became a lot less stressful. World Market merchants travel the world to find unique and exotic handpicked items at affordable prices, so when you want to update your home, personal style or next meal, we are your one stop shop.