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Marquee Lights

Give your home a vintage vibe and retro glow with the glamour of Broadway marquee lights. Use them to form initials, words, phrases or designs that illuminate your unique personality - and they're affordable enough to buy in multiples for events, weddings, even a DIY holiday photo shoots.
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Recreate the glamour of theaters past with our collection of marquee fixtures, adding light and vintage-inspired charm to any room in your home. Select from our alphabet of capital letters, which feature decorative LED lights and are slim and cordless for maximum versatility. Acting as art and mood lighting, designs like a wood arrow, hashtag or Eiffel Tower look stunning on the wall or artfully arranged on a bookshelf.

There are so many ways to show off your personal style with marquee lights around your home. Mount them on the wall as a single focal point. Stand them on a mantel throughout the year and incorporate them for unique Christmas mantel decor. Turn them into illuminating pieces of art, in a gallery grouping of framed art or prints. Lean them against a wall or mirror or on your custom design home office desk. Leave them on the floor, unplugged to give an abandoned feel adding to your industrial style decor. Use them for weddings, parties and other special events. The possibilities to shine are endless.