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Artisan Gifts

Discover a trove of authentic handmade gifts and global treasures. Our unique artisan gifts are stylishly crafted to brighten any space.
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Made by skilled, local craftspeople using traditional techniques developed over centuries in Indonesia, Kenya, Guatemala and other countries, or discovered by a merchant with an exceptionally good eye, World Market’s artisan gifts are rare and unusual finds from around the world.

Authentic hand-carved soapstone figurines look like ancient artifacts inherited from your ancestors. Evoke a sense of yoga calm with a Buddha figure, give the gift of music with traditional instruments or fall for Peruvian Alpaca wool and Indonesian Lombok weaving. Handcrafted vases, woven baskets, photo frames and other objects of interest add their own stories to your home decor and make beautiful gifts for any special occasion.

In addition to meticulously crafted miniatures, we have functional hand-decorated stools and bookcases. Wooden chests of drawers and treasure boxes decorated in swirling colors and gilt details are great for storing jewelry and trinkets.

Because many of our artisan gifts are handmade, no two are ever alike, and limited quantities means the one you keep or one you give away is truly in its own category of charm.