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Filled Candles

Fill your space with a warm glow and blissful aromatherapy to create a cozy atmosphere, whether in your living room, bedroom or bathroom, with our vast array of scented jar candles. Filled candles are a perfect gratitude gift for someone special and a way to indulge after a long day.
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We all need to relax and unwind at the end of a hectic day. Explore our wide selection of jar candles with calming scents and renewing fragrances, made of real wax poured into glass jars of all different styles. Our apothecary candles in amber-hued jars lend a vintage-inspired flair to your decor. Discover our aromatherapy candles in a quilted glass jar with a copper lid, and choose from enticing fragrances like citrus, jasmine, coconut, lavender and more, plus an inspiring message to keep you going. Find an enticing fragrance in a gorgeous jar, add candlelight and lose yourself in a book or in your tub.

Be kind to Mama Earth and yourself at the same time with our 100% natural soy filled jar candles in delightful scents like white tea and ginger or magnolia. Long lasting, these refreshing scents improve the mood of any room, and because they're clean burning, they are less likely to trigger allergies, which makes them a great gift! For the wine entusiast, give our recycled wine bottle candle made from a mix of soy and vegetable wax, and travel lovers will appreciate our destination candles.

Our scented candles are a beautiful and affordable way to soften and brighten up the decor of your home. Create a coffee table vignette with our ceramic filled candles or candle tins alongside a live terrarium or other decorative accessories. No matter how you use or gift our filled candles, your senses and wallet will be happy.